Sex Ed Bakeshop Goes Back to School

The Sex Ed Bakeshop is all about continuing education. Learn with us!
Prep Time: Several years
Bake Time: Recipe currently under development
Flavors Profile: Body, Consent, Control, Identity, Pleasure


1- Widener University Human Sexuality Studies MEd Program-Sex Education Track
Many Awesome colleagues, who are becoming my community
Many Awesome professors
1-Supportive partner
Many supportive friends and family members


  1. Recipe is currently under development.
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The Sex Ed Bakeshop is going back to school with Liz, who is returning to grad school to receive a Master’s in Education-Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University. While there, she will pursue the Sex Ed Track at the Center for Human Sexuality Studies. Liz plans to use this two-year program to strengthen her knowledge base and sexual health networks, allowing her to continue the work/fight she began with the SexEd project.

Bakers Tips

  • This recipe is currently under development.