The Sex Ed Bakeshop makes and bakes delicious and shame-free conversations, experiences, and products for everybody and every body to enjoy and expand their current definitions of, access to, and comfort with—sexual health.


The following categories represent the Sex Ed Bakeshop’s core concerns and considerations, though we leave space to expand and grow our interests. The Bakeshop has many flavors, and we invite you to taste and investigate them all with us.


Body is one of our most decadent and expansive flavors, delving into the different reproductive systems and how they work. 

Let’s examine consent, how we practice it in our lives, and the role it plays in our relationships. ​
With Roe v. Wade overturned, this flavor is attracting a lot of attention and generating new questions.
This flavor explores who we are as individuals and how we can shore up our rights to be and express who we are.

Pleasure is all about desire and understanding what brings us joy.


The Sex Education Philosophy of Liz Slagus

Social practice-driven, collaborative, promoting agency and self-empowerment. These are the ways I have described my work in arts education and how I engage with different audiences. I have never rooted my work or ...

It’s been one year.

Roe was overturned one year ago, and I’m still angry and dreaming of life’s choices being normal and legal. ...

Welcome to the Sex Ed Bakeshop!

We believe sex ed should be a normal, acceptable, and shame-free part of our lives. ...

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