Better Conversation Hearts

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The Better Conversation Heart Cookies consider what it would be like to embed better messaging into mass produced products (such as the infamous Conversation Heart Candies that come out around Valentine’s Day every year). What if we were more thoughtful and addressed topics like consent, and promoted self-knowledge and self-acceptance? Could we achieve better conversations, better relationships, and better sex? At the very least, the Sex Ed Bakeshop believes that we can do better than the antiquated messages, superlatives, orders and directions that appear on commercial Conversation Heart candies, “BE MINE,” “LAUGH,” “CALL ME,” “LOVE,” “YOU + ME,” or the new and ‘improved’ messages, “YAAAAS,” “DM ME,” “LOL.” Maybe we could even deliver on being conversational, and include a question…or TWO!

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The recipe for the Better Conversation Hearts will be available to make for yourself and/or with/for your loved ones in the Sex Ed Bakeshop’s upcoming recipe book.