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Sexy Ed Bag Series

Everyday products can have messages that are deliciously informed and factual while still delightful.
Prep Time: Several years
Bake Time: February 11, 2023
Flavors Profile: Body, Consent, Control, Identity, Pleasure


2-Screen printing classes
Sex educators
1-Design student
1- Awesome print shop in Brooklyn
A palette of bright and bold ink
Canvas bags


  1. Design a series of canvas bags with bold statements and factual information to act as prompts for conversations about sexual health topics.
  2. Engage sex educators to fact check and finesse the information about the sexual health topics.
  3. Collaborate with a former design student to layout the information on the bags.
  4. Write, write and re- write the text for the bags.
  5. Decide on a color palette for the bag and write about why each color was selected.
  6. Screen print the bags over several months.


The Sexy Ed Bags have been designed with early input from sex educators to destigmatize and normalize different sexual health-related topics, terms, and choices. These one-of-a-kind screen-printed bags are intended to be carried into the world as everyday items, without shame or concern–while perhaps also sparking some fun and important dialogue.

Sexy Ed Canvas Zipper Bags ($15):
Size: 6 x 9”
· Birth Control – Fluorescent pink on white (because it’s brilliant like choice)
· Consent – Cobalt blue on white (because it’s understated, powerful, and goes with everything)
· Gender – Iridescent purple on white (because it’s the most beautiful color that changes with the light)
· Menopause – Metallic gold on black (because people in menopause are just as sexy as they want to be)
· Period – Red on white (because that’s how it usually goes!)
· Pleasure – Metallic gold on black (because pleasure is beautiful and all that glitters is gold)
· Protection – Green on white (because green means go, and we shouldn’t fear sex when protected and there’s consent)
Sexy Ed Cotton Tote Bags ($20):
· Pro-Pleasure
– Gold on gray (because we’re not satisfied with a pro-choice stance. We want MORE(!!), and we want to shout it with GOLD!)

Bakers Tips

  • Stretching and the use of a heated massage pillow can be used to relieve the stress and pain from hours of screen printing.
  • Sexy Ed Bag photography © 2023 Jackie Neale @therealjackiephoto
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