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We Heart Sex Ed Recipe Book

Let's actually use baked goods to engage people in meaningful conversations about sexual health topics.
Prep Time: Several Years
Bake Time: This recipe is still under development
Flavors Profile: Body, Consent, Control, Identity, Pleasure


10- Sexual health topics

10 - Essays about different sexual health topics

10 - Recipes and instructions for different confections that pair with the sexual health topics

10 - Activities and prompts for using or making the confections to promote conversations and/or explorations of the sexual health topics…alone, with friends, family, kids, etc.

10 - Sets of resources for each sexual health topic

A series of taste-test sessions to vet each recipe with different publics, who contribute with their feedback and stories related to each sexual health topic.


1-pastry chef

1- illustrator


Sexual health consultants


  1. Research and write from the heart about each sexual health topic.
  2. Work with a talented pastry chef to develop new, more inclusive (with flavor, dairy, gluten-free, etc. options) takes on existing confections that pair well (because of name, shape, history, relationship, etc.) with the different sexual health topics. 
  3. Consider ways for the confections to allow space for considering the sexual health topics in focus. 
  4. Work with an illustrator to represent the sexual health topics and some of the issues surrounding and/or benefits to considering. 
  5. Ask questions like how can we represent this as a fun, engaging activity and not a chore? How can we approach this topic without shame or judgment? How can we meet people where they are and invite people in? 
  6. Develop activities and prompts that elicit fun and curiosity 
  7. Invite the public in via taste-test sessions for every recipe, multiple times.
  8. Record these sessions: the stories that come from discussing the sexual health topics in focus, as well as the feedback about the activities, resources, and illustrations.
  9. Re-write, including the stories and feedback from the participants of the taste-test sessions, so the recipes are representative of multiple perspectives, lived experience and voices. 
  10. Research and include resources for each recipe that are reflective of the questions and curiosity that were raised during the taste-test sessions.
  11. Design.
  12. Print. 
  13. Share.


The Sex Ed Bakeshop is writing the We Heart Sex Ed Recipe Book with pastry chef, Angela Carlucci, and illustrator Geralyn Abinader. Together, we are developing a series of recipes that encourage shared ideas, emotions, and knowledge about sexual health. The recipes will also inspire curiosity and agency when it comes to seeking information and self-advocacy. The assembled book project will contain actual baking recipes, which are old favorites updated to be more inclusive and representative. The book will also share ideas and prompts for using the recipes as tools and social lubricant for the essential conversations we are not having about sexual health, as well as resources to support further investigation and education.

This project is a collaboration with the public to ensure that a diversity of stories, voices, and lived experiences are embedded in each recipe. Participatory recipe development takes place during Taste/Test sessions, and we are looking for hosts to gather 6-10 people to provide constructive feedback about the recipes and activities. We are also seeking feedback on any stories, concerns, musings, and emotions shared about the recipe’s focus. Participants willing to be recognized will have their names published as contributors to the book.

Recipes currently being tested: 

  • We Heart Protection (Candy bar): This recipe is about information, communication, safe sex, and healthy relationships with self and others. 
  • We Heart Choice (Earl grey shortbread cookies): This recipe covers information, birth control, reproductive rights, and choice.
  • We Heart Breasts (Macaroons): This recipe addresses owning the breasts you have, the breasts you wish you had, the breasts you mourn, or the breasts you don’t want, and taking care of yourself in the process.
  • We Heart Consent (Heart mint patty candies): This recipe delves into communication, respect, and agency. 
  • We Heart Oral Pleasure (Fruit pleasure pops): This recipe tackles understanding, appreciating, and enjoying the process.

Bakers Tips

  • This recipe is still under development.
  • Please contact us @ to host or participate in a Taste/Test session.