Consent Condoms

$ 10

Shipping: $5 US / $10 Elsewhere

Material: Lubricated/latex
Quantity: 10 condoms

Safe sex should mean emotional security and confidence, as well as protection from STIs and unwanted pregnancies. This product inserts consent into the scene, and it can be used to check-in and/or talk ahead of the potential sex you are about to have. Not sure what to say or how to bring up how you’re feeling or not feeling? This condom can bring humor to the situation, create a necessary pause, and/or raise a flag. In addition to this condom’s unique wrapper, which boldly presents consent as an element of the sex you are considering, the actual condom is printed with the words, “Does this cock have consent?” So with this condom in your hand or on your cock, you can’t not talk about consent–and maybe have a little extra fun in the process. In any case, with these condoms, we wish you safe sex (in all ways!) that is consensual and pleasurable.