Sexy Ed Bag – Consent Bag

$ 15

Shipping: $5 US / $10 Elsewhere

The Consent Bag is part of the Sex Ed Bakeshop’s Sexy Ed Bag series, designed with early input from sex educators to destigmatize and normalize different sexual health-related topics, terms, and choices. These one-of-a-kind screen-printed bags are intended to be carried into the world as everyday items, without shame or concern–while perhaps also sparking some fun and important dialogue. The Consent Bag is cobalt blue on white: understated, powerful, and goes with everything.–Enjoy!

Size: 6 x 9″

Material: Canvas

Back text:

I have bodily autonomy.

I can say yes or no to having sex. I can change my mind. Unless the sex is my and my partner’s/s’ informed, lucid choice, it’s called sexual assault.