The Sex Ed Bakeshop makes and bakes ideas in collaboration with artists, sex educators, pastry chefs, designers, technologists, writers, the general public, and maybe you! Please enjoy sampling from the buffet of work we’ve been involved with thus far and reach out if you have an idea for a collaboration or project that you think makes sense to involve the Bakeshop.

consent cutout_4
Prep Time: 6 hours
Bake Time: 2 hours
The Sex Ed Bakeshop is all about continuing education. Learn with us!
Prep Time: Several years
Bake Time: Recipe currently under development
A bakeshop pop-up can be a delicious and inclusive space for consent to be defined and discussed with people ages 8 to 78.
Prep Time: 3 weeks
Bake Time: July 21-22, 2023
Everyday products can have messages that are deliciously informed and factual while still delightful.
Prep Time: Several years
Bake Time: February 11, 2023
Let's actually use baked goods to engage people in meaningful conversations about sexual health topics.
Prep Time: Several Years
Bake Time: This recipe is still under development
Consent can be a deliciously fun flavor to mix into a 41 year old parade as a way to launch the Sex Ed Bakeshop.
Prep Time: 6 Weeks
Bake Time: June 17, 2023
This recipe attempts to bring delight and fun to an exploration of the body during times of fear and uncertainty.
Prep Time: 2 hours
Bake Time: December 4, 2021